a couple who were ready to tie the knot, their boldness caused a whirlwind of opinions online wedding request, which some called “tacky” and others said it was “not embarrassing at all.”

The bride-to-be and her fiancé have been together for six years and are already proud parents of a three-year-old, according to a message that the engaged woman shares on social media.

She explained that she and her future husband already have “an established life” together. That’s why the soon-to-be married woman revealed before their October wedding in Alabama that she had another request for a “gift.”

Instead of opting for the usual registration for toasters and tea sets, the bride said she hoped her guests would contribute to their dream honeymoon.

The bride-to-be revealed that she and her fiancé have been together for six years and are raising a three-year-old child together

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“HELP. A little backstory, FH (future husband) and I have been together for 6 years and we have a three year old and already have an established life together. We just skipped the steps and got married last so we don’t need any wedding gifts .We’re getting married on a highland cow farm (I’m so excited about the cows) with an amazing Gatsby meets Dark Fairy Forest theme in mid-October in north Alabama,” she wrote in her social media post.

The fiancée went on to say that she tried to round out the message on her wedding invitations and didn’t need to include details about the accommodations because she wasn’t expecting too many out-of-town guests. However, she noted that she wanted help crafting a message asking guests to fund their honeymoon without sounding “rude.”

The engaged woman asked for suggestions on how to request a wedding gift without sounding “rude” about it

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“The wedding has been going on for five months and I got stuck with the planning. “I’m trying to get the invitations printed and sent out, but the card detailing leaves me confused,” she continued. “Most of the detailed maps I found show details of accommodation, but I expect very few out-of-town relatives will be attending, so it doesn’t seem necessary to contact for accommodation reservations.”

“Another problem is how we can request that we do not need wedding gifts, but would rather receive gifts from the honeymoon fund. Please help, I’m so lost and don’t want to sound rude at all. Budget: Already bloated,” she added.

“The wedding has been going on for five months and I got stuck with the planning. “I’m trying to get the invitations printed and sent out, but the card with the details leaves me confused,” she wrote

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The bride-to-be also included an image of the current state of her invitation, along with the message she is working on.

“The ceremony starts at sunset at 4:45 pm in the Apple Orchard. We invite everyone to participate in the reception and dinner afterwards. In lieu of traditional wedding gifts, the bride and groom have requested gifts for their honeymoon fund,” the message on the invitation card reads.

After the future wife made her request for suggestions, the comments section remained divided on whether there is such a thing as a “non-tacky” way to ask for gifts. Some netizens appreciated the couple’s straightforward approach, especially since they know exactly what they want, while others thought it was a cheeky question.

“Don’t ask for money or gifts. There is no non-sticky way to ask for money or gifts. The end,” said one.

“I hate the ‘us’ and then switch to ‘them’ when I ask for money,” said another.

The fiancée revealed in her social media post that her budget is ‘already blown’

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Others said there’s “nothing wrong with it.”

“I am happy to contribute to their honeymoon fund. It’s what we did at the wedding last year,” said another.

One of them revealed their own experience of asking guests to help finance their bathroom renovation.

“What is wrong with that? My husband and I are married and we both owned our own homes so we didn’t need anything,” wrote another. “We wanted to renovate our bathroom and asked for vouchers and money instead. No one was offended, saves people wasting money on endless cutlery and crockery sets etc… best idea x.”

“Not embarrassing at all. Great idea, whether or not the couple has lived together. That way they spend on what they want,” said another.

The bride’s request left the internet divided over whether there was such a thing as a ‘non-tacky’ way to ask for a gift

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“It’s so easy to ‘ask’ for money without being tacky,” wrote another before suggesting: “You either don’t make a register at all and people read between the lines, or (sic) you make a register that has something like this , 2 things you actually need on it. Create an Amazon registry and register for Home Depot/Lowes gift cards. Every homeowner needs that.”

One social media user was less curious about the gifts and more curious about the theme of the wedding.

‘Just so much…uhh…beauty…to choose from! ‘Great gatsy meets dark fairy forest’ theme takes place on a farm with cows. How the budget for this has already been inflated remains to be seen,” they said.

One user was more interested in the ‘Great Gatsby meets dark fairy forest’ theme of the wedding

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Wedding gifts can certainly cause some drama. One bride was seething with anger after a guest gave her a $100 Venmo wedding gift. The woman returned the gift, saying it “felt like an afterthought and a bit tactless.”

The bride also slammed the guest for being late, saying, “I gave the money back because keeping it felt more painful than the initial disappointment.” I suggest you take a closer look at your relationships. When you value friendships so much, it’s really discouraging.”

Many defended the future wife’s gift request, saying that the couple will at least have “something they need and love and most importantly (will remember)”