A North East council has warned motorists they could be fined as it cracks down on ‘dangerous’ and ‘negligent’ parking outside schools.

Middlesbrough Council has said motorists could be fined £100 and have three points added to their driving license if they are found to have parked at marked junctions outside schools.

They also warned that failure to stop for a police officer at the school intersection could result in a fine of up to £1,000 and three penalty points.

This comes after photos taken on Eastbourne Road, just outside St Edward’s School, showed vehicles parked on the markings.

(Image: Middlesbrough Council)

Councilor Peter Gavigan said: “Parking like this near schools is selfish and inconsiderate and there is no excuse for it.

“The markings near schools are there for a reason, and if you park on top of them you are putting lives at risk.

“I would urge motorists to park responsibly and legally. If you don’t, you will be prosecuted.”

Road safety chiefs have said ‘negligent drivers’ continue to ‘endanger lives’ by parking on zigzag and double yellow lines.

The council added that lollipop staff often report being afraid to fulfill their role when drivers ‘fail to stop’, while ‘negligent’ parking reduces visibility and increases the risk of an accident.

(Image: Middlesbrough Council)

A council spokesperson said: “Drivers are again being warned that they will be fined for dangerous parking outside Middlesbrough schools.

“These photos were taken on Eastbourne Road, but the problem is widespread outside schools in the city.

“Road safety chiefs say inconsiderate motorists continue to put lives at risk by parking on zigzag and double yellow lines.

“In addition to the risk to students, pedestrians and other road users, perpetrators risk fines, penalty points and even driving bans.

(Image: Middlesbrough Council)

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“The warning from Middlesbrough Council’s road safety team comes with a reminder that stopping on zigzag lines outside a school carries a fine of up to £100.

“Stopping on white zigzag lines (near a signed intersection) can lead to a fine and up to three demerit points, and if you fail to stop for a school crossing police officer you can receive a fine of up to £1,000 and three demerit points.

“Lollipop employees regularly report being afraid to go on the road because drivers don’t stop, while careless and illegal parking near schools and crosswalks reduces visibility and increases the risk of accidents.”