As I write this, it is Saturday afternoon. I still don’t feel so good. A little over a week ago I tested positive for COVID-19.

My symptoms aren’t scary, but I am exhausted. I’ve been sleeping most of the week and going out every now and then to do a few chores. My important task is to ensure that everyone has access to sufficient fresh, clean water. I deliver by the bucketful.

My other important job is to make sure little Cantaloupe Goat doesn’t get her head stuck in the fence. Two or three times a day she sticks her head through to nibble on the other side of the grass. If you’ve ever tried to pry a goat’s head off, you know it takes a lot of energy. If you want them to go backwards, they will invariably push forward. So you end up pushing and trying to twist their goat head to wiggle them out of their precarious spot in the fence.

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After she is free, I lie down. Cici Dog is having the week of her life, because what could be better than taking a nap with your owner? If we don’t nap together, she has to nap alone or look out the window to watch me save little Cantaloupe.

Melon wants to go outside to graze, but right now I don’t have the poop to do anything other than feed hay. So try to go to the grass yourself. After all, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, so she doesn’t have to go that far.

I think I have COVID because Maggie took the train to New York, and the only thing she got me while she was there was this disease. She tested positive before I did and seems to be on the mend, thank goodness.

The Dancing Daughter Unit suffered a severe thigh sprain during a company rehearsal and required her mother to care for her, along with the other members of her troupe, many of whom carried her around New York during her difficult time. They all seem to want their turn, including some of the female members of the group. Daughter Unit is not exactly what you would call big. Tiny might be a better description.

A few days ago they all went to Yankee Stadium for a game. They reportedly received applause from other subway riders for their dance-like partnering skills. All I have to say about that is “only in New York: the city is so nice they mentioned it twice.”

Now everyone, be careful during dance lessons. Make sure you warm up properly and stay hydrated.

Moreover, this unwanted guest, who has caused so many problems in recent years, seems to be making a small comeback. Be careful when there are many people around.

Lying down for two weeks is no fun, especially at the start of the garden and pasture season.

Forrest Hartley lives in Hadley, NY. He enjoys all kinds of ranching and healing in the southern Adirondacks. You can reach him at [email protected].

Forrest Hartley lives in Hadley, NY. You can leave a message [email protected].