Ferrari, unlike other car manufacturers, is in no hurry to phase out its largest combustion engines. The Italian automaker will continue to build V12 engines until regulations allow it.

Emanuele Carando, Product Marketing and Marketing Intelligence Director of Ferrari said: “We will produce naturally aspirated V12s until the law allows us to do so (longer).

Ferrari 12Cilindri-Miami-4

“We hope that the law will continue to provide opportunities in the future, probably working on new gasoline that is more sustainable,” Carando said. “We feel it is important to give something to our customers who love this engine, both now and probably in the future,” he added.

Ferrari’s new flagship GT, aptly named the 12Cilindri, is powered by the latest version of its 6.5-liter V12 engine. It’s one of the last remaining non-electrified V12s, although Carando admits that hybrid power was considered for the grand tourer.

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“A naturally aspirated engine with a combination of electric components, we feel, adds weight without really improving performance that much, especially for these types of cars,” he said.

It’s worth noting that Ferrari’s next-generation flagship supercar, which will replace the LaFerrari, likely won’t be powered by a V12 engine.

Source: Autoexpert