You can never be too careful in a PvPvE extraction game, even with friends watching your back in Duo or Trio matches. Dangers, from AI enemies to traps and other players, are always lurking in the corner. One mistake and bam, you just lost your life. But that’s not the end; there is a way to resurrect or revive a teammate Darker and darker. However, getting your friends into the dungeon requires a small but still significant sacrifice.

Darker and Darker: How to Bring Your Teammates to Life

(June 11 update – new screenshots and more details added)

Image Source: Ironmace via The Nerd Stash

Sooner or later, your party member – or you – will be defeated by ruthless monsters or other adventurers. When this happens, don’t panic and quickly run to the Portal, as you can easily resurrect a downed team member. First you have to get it Soul Heart of a fallen player plundering their corpses. Remove the player’s chest armor, loot it, select the Soul Heart and keep it in your inventory. Unfortunately, you cannot take Soul Hearts from enemies and prevent them from resurrecting their partners.

Then you need to find Altar of Sacrifice. Often, a gray slab of magic rock can be found in the basement level of a dungeon. You shouldn’t miss it because it looks like a table made of rocks with floating, glowing balls on it.

Equip the Soul Heart in one of your hotkey slots and press the assigned button while facing the Altar. It takes 20 seconds and 15% of the health of the Altar user to finally revive A Darker and darker teammate. If you do not have enough health, you will not be able to start the respawn process.

However, remember that the revived player will appear without any equipment! For this reason, it is always a good idea to loot both the Soul Heart and all equipment when someone is downed.

Image Source: Ironmace via The Nerd Stash

Besides, possession Spiritual in yours Darker and darker party can be a valuable asset as it can revitalize players. Using 8th level resurrection spell, any friendly corpse that still has a Soul Heart can be resurrected on the spot. You don’t have to search for the Altar of Sacrifice or re-equip it; they will be able to continue the fight where they left off.

As you might expect, casting a level 8 spell requires a high knowledge cost. You will have to keep playing until you collect enough better lore equipment. If you are a basic level Cleric, this spell may be beyond your limits at the beginning of the game.

To summarize, here’s how you can revive another player Darker and darker: :

  1. Remove the fallen player’s armor and collect his soul heart.
  2. Set the Soul Heart to the hotkey and take it to the Altar of Sacrifice.
  3. While facing the Altar of Sacrifice, press the Soul Heart hotkey.
  4. After using up 15% HP and 20 seconds, the revived player will return to the dungeon.
  5. As a Cleric, use the Resurrection spell on a downed player. Make sure no one took the Soul Heart from the dead body.

Darker and darker is available on PC as an early access title.