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As a loser, Trump faces numerous legitimate punishments; but Biden, as a loser, faces a vengeful DOJ retaliation, not for crimes, but for not winning.

In a retreating golden age, the losers of the White House sweepstakes packed up, swallowed their defeat, and retired with comfortable pensions and fat book contracts. Now every non-MAGA presidential loser must set aside a war chest in advance to compensate for Trump’s punishing, utterly lawless prosecution. Which implies a vicious, unvirtuous cycle that a future MAGA president can ambush any losing “enemy” – real, perceived or imaginary –. Aside from opinions, scribbling in archives, what can a retired Biden do with a powerful Trump?

The contrast here is that Trump, allergic to democratic strictures and fairness, defies majority rule, legal statutes, justice, the Electoral College, and certified, fair elections. As the MAGA contagion spreads into a third campaign, Trump’s blinkers demand that elections should not only decide the leaders (if they win!) but also be public witch trials over the moral and legal culpability of the losers. That makes even daring to challenge, let alone defeat, Trumpism, evil itself, worthy of intimidation. “If you come after me, I’ll come for you,” from a tweet from Trump, reflecting the ongoing revenge mania that he will pay back any opponent tenfold. “Vengeance is mine,” the Trumpster says, forgetting that God came first.

No one should doubt that such retaliation, however unAmerican, is already baked in. Repeated Trump promises dictate that Biden, although like Obama, has a relatively scandal-free run as president, should let his public service career be crowned with DOJ investigations. What a charming prospect looms as the unstoppable Outlaw-in-chief takes over, then gets his way and becomes the rampaging main prison.

Impeachment squared

Here we go again. What the ignoble Rethug House failed to discover — whatever Biden violations are worthy of impeachment — Trump is now gleefully turning over to his corrupt Justice Department prosecutors-turned-prosecutors. Will America really fall so low? Which paranoid Trump nonsense projects – the eternal victimhood of profound state treason – will he turn upside down and use his divinely ordained power to crush ‘infidels’. OK, Trump is at best only vaguely aware of any power higher than himself, no matter what. In this way, the Trump era is corrupting even more fair elections, giving himself carte blanche to put enemies in the shares. Isn’t that contrary to both the Constitution and American traditions?

Mark another historic first for what a top, newly elevated Trump loyalist considers the “post-constitutional” world. As in ruining the constitution, the country’s transparent laws, authorized bodies or essential checks and balances in power politics. If Trump wins, he will have to rewrite the oath of office: Only the epic hypocrite would openly commit to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” On the contrary, for he will only ‘keep’ what keeps him out of prison and serves his imperial predations. “Post-Constitution” is a very presumptuous cover for finally “draining the (Dem) swamp” by rooting out fierce opponents, just as autocracies do. Retaliation is MAGA’s misguided response to misguided displeasure and the alleged, nefarious “decline of America.” Yet we find implicit good news here: Trump’s open boasting about his ultimate quest to be an all-powerful king, answerable to no one else.

This historic novelty (at least in America) depicts the unnerving reality that whoever loses this election will either face many more trials and likely convictions (the Trump dilemma) – or will have to fend off punitive DOJ investigations (the Biden dilemma). dilemma). So perversely, winning for Trump becomes the only way to circumvent the long arm of the law (especially through a constant loser) and demonstrate pure MAGA regressive rule. All that involves is forcing abortion-hating, gun-loving, billionaire-friendly Christian nationalism on everyone.

The election comes down to this simple intersection: Trump is all about absent-minded, self-interested authoritarianism that grossly violates the law, while Biden steadfastly reinforces the basic structural reality of our legal and political systems. Trump doesn’t believe in elections any more than he believes in the law as ultimate decision makers. After all, he always knows in advance (via magical, internal emails?) the ‘real, legitimate winner’. His hypocritical campaign charade is only intended to cut off power and then, like Hitler and others, exact as much violence as he can get away with for as long as he can.

The American nightmare versus the American dream

Clearly, if Trump loses, his future is undeniable, with numerous ways to end with an actual prison sentence, actual or house arrest. If Biden loses, and Trump runs wild, the Dictator-for-More-than-a-Day will have his first focus: a brutal, weaponized purge against the ‘crooked’ Biden, his family and the Democrats (only partially protected if they to win). the House of Representatives and scrutiny of impeachment). MAGA’s radical post-constitutionalism is nothing more than a creepy, evil power grab, a “sweeping expansion of presidential power” that will blow away time-tested safeguards.

In building a fascist structure, the autocrat starts with lies and manipulation, then launches vicious attacks on the legitimacy of democratic institutions and, after sucking in enough voters who are immediately disempowered, goes into retaliatory purge mode. What sets Trump apart from other wannabee autocrats is the brutality and threat of violence IN ADVANCE as his path to one-man rule. Other, more electable, smarter strongmen wisely obscure their real agenda with propaganda that is only about the sacred purity of native blood, nationalism, the threat of outsiders, and the instability, even messiness, of democratic procedures. Successful tyrants don’t do that announce in advance scary, chaotic, dominance syndromes.

Repression the Overt Trump Way

And the nightmare is already on the horizon, as the Washington Post reports that Russ Voight, the right-wing reactionary and Trumper par excellence, has just been named “policy director for the 2024 Platform Committee.” According to Marc Short, former chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence, “I worry that he is willing to embrace an end-justifies-the-means mentality.” Vought, Short added, is embracing “expanding government tactics and using the tools of power in the federal bureaucracy” to combat political opponents. QED, because that fear highlights exactly what Trump and his actors have brashly promised if elected.

So much for the nuance, replaced by sinister boasting: “Elect dictator Trump and willfully surrender your rights and sovereignty. In return, no one will ever have to worry about immigrants, foreigners, arrogant minorities, or the terrible deep state of the Marxist Democrats.” This cynical promise comes from a politician who has never won the majority and who has been tracking approval ratings from day one. Gee, despite the incessant propaganda and mendacity, maybe the people can be right about what they don’t want. Let’s hope Never Trumpers vote before legitimate protesters, dissenters, and critics are sent to the gulag, perhaps alongside Russian suspects. It is always cheaper when transporting train loads.


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