Former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Chuck Noll has the eighth-most wins in NFL history with 193. Current Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin isn’t far behind him with 173, and plenty of time to catch him. He just signed a three-year contract extension that will keep him in Pittsburgh until 2027.

Tomlin only needs to post just over five wins per season over the next four years to pass Noll as the winningest head coach in team history. Considering Noll’s legacy, that would be quite an achievement, and not something anyone will break anytime soon. Not many coaches stay in one place for decades.

But for Tomlin, for the Steelers — for the fans — that doesn’t matter, says Ray Fittipaldo. It doesn’t matter if there’s no hardware included. Chuck Noll certainly didn’t have a losing season streak, but he has four Lombardis.

“I think that’s coming,” Fittipaldo said yesterday on 93.7 The Fan about Tomlin becoming the winningest coach in team history. “No one who follows the Steelers or lives in Pittsburgh thinks that means anything. I think it’s all about Super Bowl wins. Currently he is tied with Bill Cowher with one. Even if he reaches Chuck Noll’s career win total, it won’t mean anything unless he wins another Super Bowl.”

Tomlin became the youngest head coach in NFL history to win a Super Bowl in 2008. The Steelers only hired him the season before, just two years removed from winning the Super Bowl with Bill Cowher. Cowher spent 15 years as head coach of the Steelers, finally winning in his 13th season. But only Chuck Noll managed to win more than one.

Tomlin is entering his 18th season and has now been head coach of the Steelers for 15 years without winning a Super Bowl. That’s the entire duration of Cowher’s tenure here. And the Steelers haven’t even come close in a long time. Their last appearance in the conference finals was in 2016, their last appearance in the Super Bowl in 2010.

“Mike Tomlin is certainly on his way to the Hall of Fame, but to me he’s still a long way from Chuck Noll territory,” Fittipaldo insisted. “The guy won four Super Bowls and had a lot of success in the playoffs when he was a head coach.”

Of course, Noll coached in the 1970s and 1980s in a very different era than what Tomlin faces today. You can put forward arguments for and against, which is more difficult. But these days there are more teams to compete against, as well as more playoff spots. Nowadays there is freedom of choice, which means more roster turnover and more general information. It’s not that easy to hide information about potential customers these days.

Chuck Noll remains the only head coach other than Bill Belichick with at least four Super Bowl trophies. Andy Reid has just joined Joe Gibbs and Bill Walsh with three, but no one else has more than two. If Tomlin wins another, he will be the 15th head coach in NFL history to win two. And the Steelers would be the fourth franchise with multiple head coaches with multiple Super Bowls. However, no one will care if they have multiple head coaches with 193 career wins.