Miley Cyrus released her single ‘Flowers’ more than a year and a half ago. In the world of pop music, that was a lifetime ago. Almost all songs in the genre disappeared from the charts after just a few months – and from the minds and ears of millions of people.

Not only has “Flowers” ​​not disappeared, it is still charting. The tune makes history this week as it holds up and even manages another turn at No. 1 on A Billboard graphic.

‘Flowers’ is now the first hit in US history to spend a total of 100 weeks at No. 1 on any of the Billboards radio cards, the company said. No other song has managed to reach the top of the airplay charts for 90 frames, but now Cyrus has become the first artist to reach the triple-digit mark in this particular way.

Cyrus’ career-defining hit has rocketed to the top on five different radio charts. It’s ruled one of them for much, much longer than all the others (even combined) but ‘Flowers’ was a huge win across all the charts it dominated.

“Flowers” ​​is still No. 1 on one radio chart – the one it has ruled longer than any other radio station. The Grammy-winning hit currently leads the Adult Contemporary chart. It held the throne on that ranking for a record 51 weeks.

Cyrus topped the Radio Songs chart across all genres for eighteen weeks with her blockbuster. It dominated the Adult Pop Airplay count for just one frame less. The song also topped the Pop Airplay chart for double-digit turns as it spent 10 weeks at the top spot.

Remixes of “Flowers” ​​also propelled Cyrus to the top rung of the Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart. On that list, the song only spent four stays in the penthouse, but that number still helped the title reach this historic milestone.

According to Billboard, the song with the second-most weeks at No. 1 across all company radio charts is The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights.” This pop/electronic/R&B hybrid managed to top four radio charts 87 times.

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