Members of Project 2025’s advisory board have the ability to dissolve a marriage without either partner having to prove wrongdoing, attack or outright call for divorce. Research highlighted by CNN found that “no-fault divorce correlates with a reduction in female suicide rates and a reduction in intimate partner violence,” including “an 8 to 16% decrease in female suicide rates after states pass laws on no-fault divorce.”

Project 2025 is supported by a nearly 900-page policy book called Mandate for leadership, which extensively outlines possible governance approaches for the next Republican administration, including replacing federal workers with extremists and Trump loyalists and attacking LGBTQ rights, abortion and contraception. The Heritage Foundation’s proposals have a track record of success; the first Trump administration implemented 64% of the proposals Mandate‘policy recommendations. Project 2025 is also supported by a coalition of more than a hundred conservative organizations, many of which have spent years criticizing no-fault divorce as “destructive” to society—or even blaming it for enabling a “culture of dead’. According to a Media Matters survey, at least 22 members of Project 2025’s advisory board have made similar comments about targeting, limiting or eliminating no-fault divorces.

Additionally, MAGA and far-right media figures have pushed for the repeal of no-fault divorce laws across the country, and several local Republican parties in Texas, Nebraska, and Louisiana have called for the dissolution of no-fault divorce in some capacity.