Weeks after a Singapore Airlines flight between London and Singapore experienced extreme turbulence that resulted in dozens of injuries and one death, the airline has offered compensation to its passengers. In a statement published on their Facebook page, Singapore Airlines offered a minimum compensation of $10,000 to passengers with minor injuries. For those with serious injuries, the airline has invited them to discuss a “compensation offer to meet each of their specific circumstances.”

Singapore Airlines is offering compensation to passengers affected by turbulence

Singapore Airlines has sent compensation offers to passengers who traveled with them on the turbulence-hit London-Singapore flight on May 21. They took to their Facebook page to issue a statement on the matter. According to the post, all passengers who suffered minor injuries received $10,000. In addition, for passengers with serious injuries, the airline has indicated that they are open to an offer that meets their specific needs.

The airline will also “provide a full air travel refund to all passengers” and this includes “those who did not sustain any injuries.” They will also receive “delay compensation in accordance with relevant European Union or United Kingdom regulations.”

On May 21, Singapore Airlines flight SQ321 from London to Singapore encountered sudden and extreme turbulence while flying over Myanmar. The turbulence was so intense that passengers were thrown against the ceiling by the impact. According to reports, a 73-year-old passenger lost his life, 22 people suffered spinal injuries and about six people suffered head injuries during the turbulence. This included a two-year-old child who suffered a concussion.

Singapore Airlines issued a statement of apology following the unfortunate incident and has now decided to offer compensation to the injured passengers.

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Open for discussion about compensation for passengers with serious injuries

Singapore Airlines Compensation
Image courtesy: Wikimedia

As a demonstration of their commitment to supporting affected passengers, Singapore Airlines has invited passengers with serious injuries to discuss appropriate compensation depending on their needs. All affected passengers will receive their compensation offer via email, the airline has confirmed.

In the post they said: “For those who suffered more serious injuries from the incident, we have invited them to discuss a compensation offer to accommodate each of their specific circumstances, when they are feeling well and ready . Passengers who are medically diagnosed with serious injuries, require long-term medical care and apply for financial assistance will be offered a $25,000 advance to meet their immediate needs. This will be part of the final compensation these passengers will receive.”

It is good to see that Singapore Airlines is taking responsibility and helping the traumatized passengers. Let us know your two cents on this in the comments section.

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