Even from prison, Suge Knight makes his voice heard loud and clear about his biggest rival in the music industry, Sean “Diddy” Combs.

During the latest episode of his podcast: “Collection interview with Suge Knight”, the former Death Row Records boss gave his insight on Diddy, claiming that the controversial hip-hop mogul has been an FBI informant for a long time and it’s something that people in the industry have known for a while.

“It’s a lot of things that people know, and everyone is judged differently. It shouldn’t be a gray area when it comes to doing something good, doing something positive or doing something for the community,” Knight said. “That said, Puffy has of course always been an FBI informant, as they would say. That’s why it’s different when it comes to him.”

“No matter who gets hurt, all everyone says is ‘Puffy, Puffy, Puffy.’ I guess they shouldn’t all blame Puffy. His exes in the industry knew about it. Everyone in his crew knew about it. The b*****s he dates knew about it. Everyone knew about it. So don’t push away now.”

While we don’t know for sure if Diddy is an informant for the FBI, it’s a thought others have expressed in the past.

Just a month ago, conservative personality Candace Owens theorized that Diddy wasn’t incarcerated after the publication of the gruesome Cassie surveillance video from 2016 because he was an informant, write on X, “He’s not in jail because he’s an asset of the FED/CIA.” This was announced by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office statute of limitations for Diddy’s arrest about the Cassie attack is over.

This is also something Kanye West hinted in his infamous 2022 interview with ‘Drink Champs’ where he said, “As far as Meek Mill, Puff Daddy, whoever, none of these n****s. Y’all doing fake hard n****s, f**k you!”

“You can’t shoot anyone and the reason you have to talk is because you made a deal, you fucking fed! That’s why you need to come to me, because part of the deal for you to be able to do all that and get out of jail is that you promised that you’re going to draw my card.

While not directly involved in Diddy’s current legal troubles, there were also rumors that the music mogul’s father, Melvin Combs, was a police informant and part of the reason he was murdered in 1972.

That was never confirmed and was even shot down by infamous drug lord turned informant Frank Lucas in his 2010 book: “Original gangster.”

In the book, he wrote that Melvin was “one of the few people I considered a friend” and that betraying “wasn’t Melvin’s style.” And anyone who says otherwise is lying.”