Now that the show is in its final few episodes, the question on many viewers’ minds is if Go, go, loser, Ranger season 2 will be announced when the first season ends this month.

There’s no official word yet on plans for Season 2, but from the looks of it, there’s a good chance this show will be renewed based on the various anime adaptations of Shonen Magazine titles.

Will Go Go Loser Ranger Season 2 be Announced? Our predictions

Go, go, loser, Ranger is an anime from Yostar Pictures based on the Weekly Shonen Magazine manga of the same name by Negi Haruba, creator of The typical quintuplets.

This series is unexpected for Haruba considering how different it is from his previous hit series. Still, it has become quite successful as it has been going on for three years now.

An anime adaptation was soon announced, premiering in April 2024. As with most seasonal shows, the first season consists of only 12 episodes, with the final episode airing on June 30.

Currently, there has been no announcement of season 2. If it is announced, there is a chance that its renewal could be revealed shortly after the first season’s finale.

As for the likelihood of an extension, there is a good chance that it will continue.

Most anime adaptations of Shonen Magazine titles such as Blue lock, Hire a girlfriendAnd Shangri-La border got more than one season.

Go Go Loser Ranger Season 2 Release Date Predictions

If it is ultimately renewed for season 2, fans will likely have to wait a while before the anime is released, possibly in the spring or summer of 2025 if it is announced sooner rather than later.

Normally, new seasons are released about a year after the first season to give the staff time to work on them. There are cases where the gap is as little as nine months, or sometimes even shorter, as in Mashle the case of season 2.

Be that as it may, we probably won’t see the second season release until 2024.

Exploring the potential story of the second season

Currently, the manga already has over 140 chapters, and it seems like the story won’t end anytime soon.

As such, there should be plenty of material left to cover should a second season be announced, even if the first season is well-paced.

In the meantime, the story will likely cover the events of Part 7 through possibly the 10th part, as that part of the story should be a good ending point for a second season.

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